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Alfred, U.S. neurologist, 1869-1953. See: Gordon reflex, Gordon sign, Gordon symptom.
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Bruce Gordon was born in 1929 in the Surry Hills neighborhood in inner Sydney, Australia.
Gordon reminisced, "I started also doing pantomime in Melbourne, then moved on to doing the advertising and promotion [for the Tivoli].
In the process, Gordon managed to make some entertainers very popular.
Gordon became a trainee stage manager and at 26 became the youngest house manager the theater had ever had.
In those days Gordon's friends included Rupert Murdoch, who was then the owner of the Adelaide News, a newspaper Gordon visited every time he had to promote a show in Adelaide.
In 1962, at the suggestion of Gyngell, Sir Frank recommended Gordon to Richard Dinsmore, vp of Desilu Studios, who had traveled to Australia to find a regional sales executive.
BOSTON -- The Museum of Science, Boston announced today a $20 million gift from the Gordon Foundation, established by Sophia and Bernard M.
This gift, made possible by engineering visionary and inventor Bernard Gordon and his wife Sophia, will dramatically expand the impact of the Museum's engineering and technology education initiative with the creation of the Sophia & Bernard M.
Gordon has invented breakthrough devices that have not only enhanced how people live and work but saved lives--from his earliest contributions to the world's first commercial computer to scanners at the core of modern medical imaging and counter-terrorism technology.
Bernard Gordon epitomizes technological innovation and the importance of engineering," says Yannis Miaoulis.
The Gordon Foundation gift moves the Museum's planning for the NCTL forward significantly.
Gordon Endowed Fund will sustain the Museum's ability to create exciting new interactive programs related to engineering education, both at the Museum and in classrooms nationwide, and to present successful existing programs affecting the long-term impact to inspire future engineering leaders.