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Gordon Willard, U.S. psychologist, 1897-1967.
Allport A-S Reaction Study - a personality test designed to determine whether a subject is dominant or submissive in dealing with situations.
Allport personality-trait theory - theory that personality traits are the key to individuality and consistency of behavior.
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In 1942, Gordon Allport made arguments regarding how to evaluate differing theoretical positions to explain and understand individuals.
In their writings, a virtual battery of psychological experts--ranging from Erich Fromm, Theodore Adorno and Harry Stack Sullivan, to Carl Rogers, Gordon Allport, and Abraham Maslow--were critical of the conservative sexual morality that, at least on a surface level, seemed to dominate during the 1950s.
Nothing in life seems more natural than the ease with which humans assert superiority over a collective Other; as Gordon Allport put it in his 1967 study The Nature of Prejudice, the "easiest idea to sell anyone is that he is better than someone else.
Such is the case with Gordon Allport in his classic study of religious psychology, The Individual and His Religion.
Psychologist Gordon Allport described the phenomenon of concentric circles around the self, beginning with the family; extending to racial, ethnic, and religious compatriots; and then to members of the community or country.