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Alfred, U.S. neurologist, 1869-1953. See: Gordon reflex, Gordon sign, Gordon symptom.
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We are thrilled to come together with Gordon Brothers," said Rick Schmitt, co-founder of AccuVal-LiquiTec and now serving as President of Gordon Brothers-AccuVal.
According to Gordon, Sheppard represents the type of results she envisioned when she took over the leadership role of shaping DFS from a charity that primarily helped low-income women acquire suits for job interviews into an international network of full-service centers offering career development and professional mentorship.
An optometrist and a 22-year resident of the city, Gordon was a member of the Burbank Planning Board from 1995-99.
Fear before every performance is the price I must pay for the marvelous life I lead," quotes pianist Stewart Gordon about Arthur Rubinstein.
Information: Jon Gordon, Carillon Conference Management Pty Ltd, PO Box 177, RED HILL QLD 4059, Australia, +61 733682644, fax: +61 733693731, e-mail: interact2004@ccm.
To turn the stinging scorpion into a snack, Gordon first froze the critter.
Gordon to the pregnant girl, "I'm sorry you won't be in the new work.
Bacteria do an awful lot for us and with us," says Gordon.
Gordon has been senior counsel for the House Financial Services Committee since January 2001.
Attorneys, Philip Glantz and Pam Silverman-Leibow of Goldfarb & Fleece represented the owner, while Cahill Gordon attorneys represented the firm's interests.
LOS BRASILENOS SIEMPRE HAN DESEADO un futuro de grandeza para su pais en el escenario internacional y una posicion entre las naciones del Primer Mundo, senala Lincoln Gordon, embajador de Estados Unidos en Brasil entre 1961 y 1966 y ex presidente de la Universidad Johns Hopkins, en su libro Brazil's Second Chance (La segunda oportunidad de Brasil).