Ernest W., U.S. pathologist, 1886-1960. See: Goodpasture stain, Goodpasture syndrome.
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It's a concert on the river Sunday when the Willamette Oaks Retirement Community at 455 Alexander Loop (off Goodpasture Island Road north of Valley River Center) presents Portland Taiko.
com)-- Bryon Crosby, a Eugene, Oregon Keller Williams Realty Broker who specializes in both residential and commercial real estate, has listed 45885 Goodpasture Road, Vida, Oregon for sale.
Named after American pathologist Ernest Goodpasture who first identified it in 1919, possible causes which have been suggested include exposure to hydrocarbon solvents and a weedkiller.
Goodpasture has been appointed Senior Vice President, Corporate Development of Copano, effective June 7, 2010.
Amy Goodpasture, the front desk clerk at the motel, told the Jonesboro Sun that several community and church groups have come to her motel in recent days to offer help.
69) The Goodpasture antigen has been localized to the [alpha]3 chain of type IV collagen.
Goodpasture says the MFP Series micro flash pasteurizer is a plate and frame until that can eliminate spoilage organisms in beer.
Goodpasture, TEPPCO's vice president, Corporate Development, resigned after the closing of the merger.
Another speaker tonight will be Jim Goodpasture, whose family has called Lane County home since his great-great-grandfather, Alexander Goodpasture, rolled in on a wagon train in 1853.
Other subjects are the beneficial effects of green tea polyphenols for Sjogren's syndrome, Coxsackievirus B3-induced autoimmune heart disease, autoantibody profiles of an asbestos-exposed population, and shared variable domain elements among anti-collagen antibodies reactive with Goodpasture epitopes.
Goodpasture to Blue Dolphin's Board of Directors to fill the Board seat vacated by a departing director.