Good Manufacturing Practice

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Good Man·u·fac·tur·ing Prac·tice

(gud man-yū-fak'shŭr-ing prak'tis)
Regulations related to the production, storage, and distribution of drugs and medical equipment.
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LAHORE -- Parliamentary Secretary Health and Chairman Chief Minister's Task Force on spurious and substandard Medicines Khawaja Imran Nazir has said the taskforce is aimed at provision of quality medicines to the people and good manufacturing practices in pharmaceutical industry will be encouraged.
The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) has released its guide to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for food supplement manufacturers around the world.
We are pleased to report they found it in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
NSF-Cook & Thurber specializes in customized audits of process systems, sanitation, Good Manufacturing Practices and facility biosafety programs.
From the UK point of view this text is of considerable interest because it details all the current Good Manufacturing Practices prescribed by the US Department of Agriculture as applied to the manufacturing and processing of food.