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Benjamin, English actuary, 1779-1865. See: Gompertz hypothesis, Gompertz law.
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For instance, the works of Gomperz and Jaeger which Kristeller also cited in the first note are both subsequent to Arnim.
Edwards, Robert Gomperz, Arthur Littlejohns, Robert Sloan and Thomas Underbrink; Metropolitan Water District City Makeover and Community Partnering program officials WHAT: Metropolitan's City Makeover Program to promote native and California Friendly plants, as well as Metropolitan's Community Partnering Program, award $15,000 to Altadena Foothills Conservancy for program that will involve local youth in restoring one mile of Millard Canyon Creek and possibly other streams in the Arroyo Seco watershed.
CONTACT: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Bob Gomperz, 213/217-6866 (office) 626/797-5478 (home) rgomperz@mwd.
CONTACT: Metropolitan Water District, Los Angeles Bob Gomperz, 213/217-6866 (office), 626/797-5478 (home) rgomperz@mwd.