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A G protein involved in olfaction, a neural activity that is similar to vision, as it requires conversion of external signals to electrical signals recognisable by the brain
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Those long enough in the tooth to remember the course at Royal Liverpool when it last hosted the Open Championship in 1967 will notice a number of modifications designed to test the 'modern' Tour pro and the vast developments in golf technology.
Golf technology has been a pretty hot topic of conversation among European Tour professionals in recent seasons.
Irwin, who credits his parents for his drive and golf technology for his and his fellow senior tour members' ability to remain close to the hitting ability of their youth, doesn't worry about age.
The clubs are at the cutting edge of golf technology, with forged titanium face insert and a choice of loft and shaft to suit every individual winner.
Voz Golf Technology is located in San Diego, CA, and creates innovative golf products.
Established in 2005, Voice Caddie offers golf technology for the modern golfer, offering futuristic form, sleek simplicity and innovation.
The keen golfer, who took up the sport 15 years ago, has just returned from Sweden, where she was learning about new golf technology.
I think golf technology helped the development of others who overtook him.
The box is made from a design which combines a ridged panel (which acts like a toe poke on a ball) with the trampoline effect of a fixed panel similar to that used in golf technology.
Retired merchant banker Neil, who died in January, aged 69, would splash out on all the latest golf technology.
an Austin-based golf technology company, announced today that GASP Systems, the leading video system provider in Europe, will become the exclusive distributor of SmartSwing's intelligent golf clubs in the UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Tiger Woods and Ernie Els are leading calls for action on the fast-changing world of golf technology.