Johannes K.A.E., German neurologist, 1858-1935. See: Goldscheider test.
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Goldscheider (2) was one of the first to systematically quantify the awareness of body segment positions and orientations, later defined as 'proprioceptions' Over 100 years ago, Goldscheider systematically measured and compared the smallest joint rotations that could be detected at different joints in the body.
Earlier, Peter Goldscheider, one of EPIC's managing partners, commented that this is a long-term investment and that his Vienna-based privatization and investment company potentially plans to attract strategic investors andlaunchthe initial public offering (IPO).
Q I PICKED up three Freidrich Goldscheider masks at car boot sales.
In the article "Children's Share in Household Tasks," Goldscheider and Waite state, "most parents respond that performing household work builds character and develops a sense of responsibility," when asked why they should expect children to be involved in the household work (Goldscheider, 810).
24) In the journal Frankfurter Hefte, writers such as Clemens Munster, Herbert Goldscheider, and Egmont Hiller took up the discourse on technology from a Christian-Socialist point of view; in 1947, Hiller hoped that mankind would overcome "the division between technology and the culture of spirit.
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The rule of thumb, or "25 Percent Rule," often attributed to Robert Goldscheider, is an example of the profit split or profit-sharing approach and suggests that a licensor and licensee would negotiate a royalty ranging from 25% to 33% of the licensee's expected profits from the patented technology.
And with parents not pulling up the welcome mat, it's more comfortable for young adults to come home, says Frances Goldscheider, a demographer and coauthor of "The Changing Transition to Adulthood: Leaving and Returning Home.
The masks, which can be hung on walls, were created by the legendary Goldscheider factory and are believed to be around 100 years old.