Goldmann tonometer

Gold·mann to·nom·e·ter

(gōld'mahn tō-nom'ĕ-tĕr)
Device fixed to a slit-lamp microscope that is used to measure intraocular pressure.
See: Goldmann applanation tonometer
[Hans Goldmann, 1899-1991, Swiss ophthalmologist]


Hans, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1899-1991.
Goldmann applanation tonometer - an applanation tonometer that flattens only 3 sq mm of cornea, used with a slit-lamp.
Goldmann contact lens
Goldmann contact lens prism
Goldmann expressor
Goldmann goniolens
Goldmann implant
Goldmann lens
Goldmann macular contact lens
Goldmann multimirror lens implant
Goldmann perimeter - a projection perimeter that adds further precision by controlling the surrounding illumination.
Goldmann serrated knife
Goldmann tonometer
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Tenders are invited for Purchase of Slit lamp with aplanaciniu Goldmann tonometer and intraocular tonometer
Diaton tonometer in Keratoconus study: Tonometric Values of Intraocular Pressure, Using the Goldmann Tonometer, Tonopen and Diaton Transpalpebral Tonometer in Keratoconus
The Perkins series of hand-held tonometers have been providing generations of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists Worldwide with reliable measurements that correlate strongly with the industry gold-standard Haag-Streit Goldmann tonometer.
Contract award: Slit lamp with the Goldmann tonometer
Schmidt (12,13) convincingly argues the Goldmann tonometer to be superior to all previous applanation tonometers, as well as the Schiotz.
The course, consists of four distance learning videos and lectures with MCQs and a practical assessment of Volk, Goldmann Tonometry, Calibration of a Goldmann Tonometer and Van Herick's technique.
The designers of the Goldmann tonometer, Hans Goldmann and Theo Schmidt, were well aware that the cornea did not satisfy any of these requirements and made calculations to compensate for the finite thickness and rigidity of the cornea as well as for the capillary action of the tear meniscus drawing the tonometer to the corneal surface.
Used with the Haag-Streit Goldmann tonometer and the Perkins hand-held tonometer to determine intraocular pressure, the Goldmann applanation tonometer prism is well-known to many optical professionals.
In order to compensate for the mismatch between theory and reality, the Goldmann tonometer was calibrated in experiments against directly measured intracameral readings of IOP, where a needle was placed in the anterior chamber of the eye.
Disinfection of Goldmann tonometers after contamination with hepatitis virus.
We achieved record sales including; Spectralis OCT systems, our imaging slit lamps and the ever-popular Goldmann tonometers," explains Dean Johnson, Managing Director at Haag-Streit UK, "however, it was the DRS camera that 'stole the show,' unveiling this product and launching the Perkins Mk3 at the event, contributed to a very successful Optrafair.