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James H., 20th-century Canadian epidemiologist. See: Goldie-Coldman hypothesis.
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Goldie traffic jams in Goldie caused major traffic jams on roads around the park as some 5,000 people stopped to catch a glimpse of him and there was wild cheering when his escape was mentioned in the House Of Commons.
Her son mentioned that Goldie "was very helpful to my father and acted as his nurse and participated in the care of patients.
Working with Bowie was amazing - he helped pull me out of a creative rut a few years back," recalls Goldie.
Mrs Miller paid out over US$300,000 (PS195,000) to Goldie on a promise that he would get her son Gregory Miller back home to the US.
When, for example, the narrative speaks of the baker's devious plan, it is unclear (as Goldie explains using a quote from James Wood) who "owns" the deviousness: the narrator, the baker, or somehow both.
Goldie and I were both restless and eagerly anticipated the opportunity to get outdoors and scour some prime habitat for sheds.
When Goldie was 8 or 9, they moved into a home off Newton Square.
No doubt Goldie said she'd have a drink for him, or two, or three.
Then Goldie turned to me and whispered, 'Are you sure we did the right thing?
Goldie, from Wolverhampton, believes he has brought some streetart style and rawness to the portraits.
Mayor of West Lancashire, Cllr Rob Bailey, has known Goldie and husband David Webb for a number of years and closely tracked his friend's progress on the ITV1 show.
Mum-of-two Goldie, 49, impressed the judges in last night's Boot Camp episode, with a unique version of Lady Gaga's Born This Way, causing Louis Walsh to declare: "I want to see more of Goldie.