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Fringe medicine Solidago californica A floral essence said to provide a sense of individuality
Herbal medicine (1) Solidago canadensis, Aaron’s rod, woundwort A flowering herb that contains essential oil, flavonoids, saponins, and tannins, which has been used to treat colds, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections. Some herbalists believe it may also be useful for arthritis, backache, diarrhoea, and as an expectorant

(2) Solidago odora, Blue Mountain tea, sweet goldenrod A perennial herb that is carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic and used by Native American medicine men to treat dropsy—presumably renal failure—and applied topically for bruises


n Latin name:
Solidago virgaurea; parts used: buds, leaves; uses: antispasmodic, diuretic, abortifacient, antiinflammatory, urinary tract infections, urolithiasis, earaches; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children; patients with heart or kidney disease; can cause nausea, rashes, difficulty during breathing, hemorrhage in digestive tract, stomach edemas, tachypnea, enlargement of the spleen, and death. Also called
Aaron's rod, blue mountain tea, denrod, and


rust on goldenrod
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The wins by Pletcher's horses came in the first two races of "Big Four Stakes Weekend," a series of four major stakes races on the final three days of the meet that also saw impressive wins by rising 2-year-old stars Private Vow in the $200,000-added Kentucky Jockey Club (GII) and unbeaten French Park in the $200,000-added Golden Rod (GII).
Golden rod is approved by the Royal Horticultural Society as a suitable plant for their Perfect for Pollinators logo.
Turn Away won her debut, at Churchill Downs in November by more than nine lengths, then was third in the Grade 2 Golden Rod Stakes there in her only other start to date.
CREATE THE LOOK: Make oval or kidney-shaped beds and plant herbaceous perennials such as phlox, golden rod, granny's bonnets and sedums with the tallest in the centre and the shortest ones towards the edge.
The golden rod is yellow, the corn is turning brown, the trees in apple orchards with fruit are bending down .
The stablemates were coupled as a betting entry and started at odds of 1-10, but Dance Daily was a surprise winner, having finished out of the frame in her three previous Graded stakes tries, including an eighth-place finish in the Grade 2 Golden Rod Stakes at Churchill Downs in November.
The 10-day programme contains artichoke for slimming, milk thistle for liver function, aloe vera for bowels, golden rod to ease water retention, and marigold and echinacea to boost the immune system.
n Water retention: Golden Rod (Solidago) is a traditional diuretic and kidney tonic, with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antiseptic action
Consett trainer Brian Ellison took the sensible move of sending the nine- year-old to Southwell for a mile and a half handicap and he showed he was in good shape by finishing fourth to runaway winner Golden Rod.
For butterflies, he suggests bee balm, black-eyed susan, turtle-head, blazing star, solidago golden rod, ironweed, joe pyeweed, spice bush, rhododendron and sweet pepper bush.
two-year-old fillies in Kentucky last year, comprising the Grade 3 Debutante Stakes, and the Alcibiades and Golden Rod Stakes, both Grade 2.
McNamara admitted to "losing it" after racegoers jeered him for refusing to complete the course on Golden Rod, who had been carried out at the 10th fence of the North Norfolk Radio Novices' Handicap Chase.