Go Bare

To practice medicine without malpractice insurance
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I say let the chairs go bare and stick what you would've spent behind the bar.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said that if Imran Khan corrects his attitude than he is willing to go bare foot to him and woo him.
Once you've made your entrance, proved that you can look as drop-dead gorgeous as the best of them and that you haven't given up and sold your soul to middle-aged loafers, it's fine to go bare.
this autumn by popping along to the bareMinerals Go Bare tour.
You can put it on under make-up or it even gives skin a good enough glow to go bare faced.
BRITISH summer time, it may be but are you ready to go bare legged?
AMERICANS ARE ALLOWING THEIR FLOORS TO GO BARE, and floor-care manufacturers have responded.
The risk is every doctor will go bare and they will not be able to collect from anyone," White said.
Left untreated they grow tall and go bare in the middle.
IT'S starting to seem like a tradition in the Golden State: pay raises for the highest-paid elected officials in the country while their budgets go bare.
Such groups stop short of actually advocating that their colleagues go bare, in an environment where trial lawyers and patient advocates call going bare irresponsible and maintain that the real problem is careless and inept medical care.
We decided to just go bare bones and say how we felt, which had never been our primary focus.