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The study of knowledge and rules of evidence involved. Traditionally a branch of philosophy, it also describes a discipline incorporated in, and in some respects peculiar to, individual fields of scholarship (medicine, science, history, etc.).


The theory, study of, and basis for knowledge; that which investigates the origin, nature, methods, validity and limits of human knowledge.

epistemology (·pisˈ·t·mäˑ·l·jē),

n that branch of philosophy that scrutinizes the nature, foundations, and limits of knowledge.
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In elevating metaphorical imagery over the philosophical sense and commonsense that Kant and Wordsworth represent here, is De Quincey struggling to develop gnoseology as another way of knowing?
When scholars focus on the lack of intellectual rigor and logic operating in the Confessions, are they in fact uncovering De Quincey's exploration of gnoseology through hallucination?
See Ingegno, 162; Bruno here refers to an Aristotelian-Thomist concept in gnoseology see Aquinas, 1959, 3 De anima (c.
To all appearances, it was only during the first decade of the fifteenth century that tshad ma'i skyes bu became a pivotal concept in a Tibetan understanding of the Buddha and "buddhalogical" gnoseology in connection with the Pramanavarttika's Pramanasiddhi chapter and, most importantly, with the tshad ma enterprise as a whole.
He points out that "what Wojtyla is searching is a re-elaboration of Thomistic gnoseology that considers the advances of Modernity and mostly the possibility offered by the phenomenology of direcdy accessing to the subjectivity of the person.
25) This expression resulted in the debate with the theme "The applicability of marketing in religious organizations", organized on 25th--27th of February 2008, for the doctoral dissertation "Religious Marketing Gnoseology in Romania" of drd.
00--This volume contains a series of papers given in November of 1995 at a conference dedicated to Maritain's ontology and gnoseology.