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Leopold, German physiologist and chemist, 1788-1853. See: Gmelin test, Rosenbach-Gmelin test.
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1747,such facts led Gmelin to conclude that the same species must have been independently created at several distinct points; and we might have remained in this same belief, had not Agassiz and others called vivid attention to the Glacial period, which, as we shall immediately see, affords a simple explanation of these facts.
72076 TE-bingen, LiebermeisterstraE-e / Gmelin Street, University of TE-bingen, new center of Islamic theology (ZITH), Engineering services under Part 4 Section 2 HOAIThe three locations distributed center of Islamic theology at the University of TE-bingen is to be housed in a new building bundled.
ABSTRACT The oyster pea crab Zaops ostreum (Say, 1817), is a parasite of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica Gmelin (1791).
Our end-users, as scientists, understand the need to reduce environmental impacts and consumption of the world's limited resources, says Mark Gmelin, Labcon materials R&D engineer.
Gmelin explained that the judges are fully independent and that the judge performs his job thoroughly and impartially and under censorship.
The building, considered one of New York's landmark Art Deco skyscrapers, was designed by architects Voorhees, Gmelin and Walker.
Cockerell (1932) pointed out that Vespa marginata was preoccupied by Gmelin (1790), and Bequaert (1935) used albida as the name of the variety.
This search and retrieval system for chemical compounds, bibliographic data and chemical reactions combines data from Elsevier's three CrossFire chemical databases--Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry to produce a single research and development tool.
To make this journey, Gmelin relies on a cast of characters and their art, literature, and politics: filmmakers Jean-Luc Godard and V.
Elsevier will retain certain MDL content assets, including the CrossFire, Beilstein, the Patent Chemistry, Gmelin and PharmaPendium databases.
Prevalent on area beaches and growing up to four inches long, the Florida fighting conch (Strombus alatus, Gmelin, J.
The author, who originally worked on a similar book for the Gmelin Institute, cites 4,000-plus source documents and points the researcher to relevant handbooks, papers, and review articles for further reading.