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glucuronidation (glōō·k·rō·n·dāˑ·shn),

n a phase II detoxification pathway occurring in the liver in which glucuronic acid is conjugated with toxins. Effectively detoxifies the majority of commonly prescribed drugs.
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The other problem could be the low oral bioavailability of curcumin that has been tried to be improved by inhibition of glucuronidation of curcumin by piperine, use of curcumin analogs, and carriers like liposomes nanoparticles, phospholipid complexes, cyclodextrin, and phosphatidylcholine (Zhou et al.
LIVAZO is predominantly metabolized via glucuronidation and is only minimally metabolised by CYP system, which may help reduce its potential for CYP-mediated drug-drug interactions.
Another key finding in this study was that urine NNAL-Gluc ratios, a probable marker of NNAL glucuronidation and detoxification, were found to be significantly higher in White-American smokers than their African-American counterparts.