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glucuronidation (glōō·k·rō·n·dāˑ·shn),

n a phase II detoxification pathway occurring in the liver in which glucuronic acid is conjugated with toxins. Effectively detoxifies the majority of commonly prescribed drugs.
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UGT is an enzyme responsible for the process of glucuronidation, which changes unwanted compounds into a more water-soluble version to allow for easier elimination from the body.
Although sample collection is easy, downstream challenges arise because many drugs undergo glucuronidation prior to excretion, meaning a hydrolysis step must be performed prior to HPLC or GC analysis.
Though silymarin does not have antiviral properties against hepatitis virus, it promotes protein synthesis, helps in regenerating liver tissue, controls inflammation, enhances glucuronidation and protects against glutathione depletion.