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1. Abbreviation for 5-oxoproline.


A gene on chromosome 15q24.1 that encodes golgin A6A, a protein which localises to the Golgi apparatus. It is highly expressed in seminiferous tubes and in spermatids.


Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptide, see there.
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This additional instrumentation will allow our technical experts to better serve our clients' growing needs for GLP residue and soil dissipation studies.
High-Quality Operating Assets: Fitch believes that GLP will continue to benefit from its sheer scale and global network that positions it strongly as online shopping becomes increasingly popular.
Given that 97 percent of the acquired portfolio overlaps with GLP's existing US platform, GLP expects to see significant synergies which will lead to improved operating performance between the two portfolios and enhanced customer relationships globally.
GLP is a global provider of modern logistics facilities.
GLP regulations were created in response to a lack of consistency and quality in the conduct of studies performed to assess the safety of chemicals that humans might be exposed to, as well as the safety of drugs prior to initiation of first-in-human studies.
Since the '98 storm, Hydro-Quebec has installed 90,000 GLP insulators and has experienced no electrical or mechanical failures.
Ming Mei, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GLP, said: We are focused on sustainable value creation through our logistics ecosystem.
The company said demand from major institutional investors to invest with GLP in US logistics real estate is strong, with GLP in negotiations with several new and existing capital partners.
GLP plans to inject the portfolio into its fund management platform.
9 September 2011 - Singapore's Global Logistic Properties (SIN:MC0), or GLP, has mandated Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), Citigroup (NYSE:C) and Nomura (TYO:8604) to underwrite a proposed listing of its Japanese assets, Reuters said today, citing three knowledgeable sources.
The certificate states that WuXi's BAS facility in Shanghai is able to carry out ADME, toxico kinetic and pharmacokinetic studies, and hERG assay and biomarker studies with respect to OECD and EU GLP principles.
Bridge's Beijing facility was purpose built to conduct GLP studies in support of worldwide regulatory submission - this goal has now been fully realized.