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1. Abbreviation for 5-oxoproline.


A gene on chromosome 15q24.1 that encodes golgin A6A, a protein which localises to the Golgi apparatus. It is highly expressed in seminiferous tubes and in spermatids.


Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptide, see there.
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Given that 97 percent of the acquired portfolio overlaps with GLP's existing US platform, GLP expects to see significant synergies which will lead to improved operating performance between the two portfolios and enhanced customer relationships globally.
Guidelines for the Acquisition and Processing of Electronic Raw Data in a GLP Environment, v01, 2005
The company does not need to issue additional equity to fund this acquisition given GLP has $2.
John Nicholson, CEO of Gentronix commented "Gentronix is delighted to have achieved GLP compliance and to have further expanded its portfolio of genotoxicity assay offerings, so that with our accurate and speedy turnround standard, we can be recognised as the "go-to" genotoxicity company.
This facility was designed from the ground up to be both AAALAC multi-species accredited and US-level GLP compliant.
GLP delivers power to 11,000 customers in Northern Ontario and is interconnected with the Ontario power grid.
The agreement includes GLP IQOQPQ validation services performed by CAI specifically for Leica Biosystems Aperio ePathology slide scanners and associated software.
What are the GLP requirements applicable for drugs, biologics, biosimilars and medical devices?
With two locations in the UK and one in the USA, Xceleron is a GLP accredited organization with unique expertise in its field of ultrasensitive analysis of drugs and their metabolites.
After years of lobbying by GLP through their industry group, the province introduced new provincial legislation in September replacing existing property taxes with lower charges on gross revenues on hydroelectric power plants.