Mexico City Policy

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A US government policy that has required (when it is followed) non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive federal funding to refrain from performing or promoting abortion services as a method of family planning in other countries.
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The Mexico City Policy, known as the global gag rule, blocks US federal funding for nongovernmental organisations that do any work related to providing abortions or abortion counselling, or even advocating a woman's right to have access to pregnancy termination services.
But in the United States, it might be trying to lessen the impact of the global gag rule.
Indeed, the global gag rule has been associated with an increase in maternal deaths and unsafe abortions, as women are less able to get referrals to safe care.
For instance, at the federal level, the Republican-led House and Senate have tried to reimpose the global gag rule (which was rescinded by President Obama soon after he took office in 2009) and to prohibit U.
23, 2009, President Barack Obama signed an executive order reversing the global gag rule (also known as the Mexico City Policy)--implemented by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, rescinded by President Bill Clinton in 1993 and reinstated by President George W.
The Global Gag Rule Impact Project is a collaborative research effort led by Population Action International in partnership with Ipas and Planned Parenthood Federation of America and with field assistance from EngenderHealth and Pathfinder International.
is now putting tight strings on contraceptive aid through the application of the Bush Administration's so-called Global Gag Rule.
The global gag rule therefore forces a cruel choice: In starkest terms, foreign NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) can either choose to accept USAID funds for provision of essential health services--but with restrictions which may jeopardize the health of many patients--or the NGOs can choose to reject the policy and lose vital U.
Senate passed an amendment by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) that would repeal the Global Gag Rule on international family planning assistance.
The Republicans have already defunded the United Nations Population Fund, reinstated the global gag rule and lavished tax dollars on abstinence-only education (almost $400 million since 2002).
The Global Gag Rule, an executive order issued by President Bush in January 2001, blocks assistance to foreign family planning agencies that are accused of providing abortion services, counseling or referrals.
One of Bush's first acts as President was to reinstate the Mexico City Policy, or Global Gag Rule, prohibiting the flow of US foreign money to overseas family planning organisations that provide abortion services or related information to their patients or the public.

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