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Etymology: Gk, klima, inclination
1 a composite of the prevailing weather conditions that characterize any particular geographic region, including air pressure, temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and humidity. Because these factors affect health, they must be considered in the diagnosis and treatment of certain illnesses, especially those affecting respiration.
2 the general condition surrounding something, as in a climate of goodwill. climatic, adj.


the general meteorological conditions prevailing in a given area.


the total environmental effect of ambient temperature, barometric pressure, radiation, oxygen concentration, water precipitation, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and sunlight hours or cloud cover. Called also weather.

climate classes
includes tropical, semitropical, desert, arid, semiarid, temperate, subarctic, arctic, polar.
climate envelope
the range of climatic variation in which a species can persist in the face of competitors, predators and disease.
climate impact
includes overall statements of total effect of climate such as wind-chill index, temperature-humidity index, effective temperature.

Patient discussion about climate

Q. If you are an asthmatic, is it better to live in a cold climate or hot climate?

A. Well, I'm not a doctor and I guess you should consult one cause each patient can get allergic asthma from different things but as an asthmatic I can tell you it's not necessarily has to do with cold/warm tough humidity and haziness are definitely important factors for some of us. I tend to get more attacks in places with these factors and in my country, the city which is considered with the "best air" for asthmatics has a dry and cold weather...

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mayors joined with hundreds of their international colleagues to present a strong voice for the need to reduce global carbon emissions and combat global climate change.
An annual Statement on the Status of Global Climate will be released by WMO in November 2015, the UN climate change conference in Paris, COP-21, analyzing the combination of data.
The minister told the ambassador that Pakistan welcomes imposing remark of the French president regarding the much-awaited global climate agreement, in which the latter has told rich countries, that a roadmap for ramping up climate finance for developing countries to $100 billion a year by 2020 is inevitable to agreeing the new global climate deal in Paris later this year.
Transport and mixing regulates the global climate and the distribution of natural marine resources.
The Global Climate Change Alliance+ (GCCA+) is a flagship initiative of the European Union which aims at strengthening dialogue and cooperation on climate change with developing countries, with a focus on least developed countries and small island developing States.
But because water vapor plays so many roles in the climate system, the global climate effects of changes in evaporation were not well understood.
A new, legally binding global climate treaty was unlikely to be agreed upon at this year's UN climate change summit in South Africa, dpa quoted officials from the EU and United States as saying Wednesday.
In this second in a series of pamphlets addressing the law of global climate change, environmental lawyers review the laws that require companies to disclose their environmental practices in filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other financial statements.
The White House acknowledged on Monday that there are issues being considered at the global climate summit in Copenhagen that will remain "outstanding for quite some time.
Economic analysis of land use in global climate change policy.
In this paper, Nagel explores some of the implications of gender for global climate change studies.
CHAPTER 5 Global Climate Shock Number Three: Farmland Droughts, Floods, and Frost

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