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(glis'ŏn), Do not confuse this word with Gleason.
Francis, English physician, anatomist, physiologist and pathologist, 1597-1677. See: Glisson capsule, Glisson cirrhosis, Glisson sphincter.
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Glisson joined Markel in 1990 and is currently corporate chief administrative officer (CAO).
IBTimes reached out to Glisson to request a full copy of Rental License Ordinance, but he did not immediately respond.
The goal of that project was to energize the revitalization of downtown in hopes that other projects would follow," Glisson said.
Glisson (2002) demonstrated that an organization's culture affects the way staff perceive their work environment and how well evidence-based practices are adopted and implemented.
Jones and Glisson explore whether or not cabotage laws provide for America's security.
Glisson and Durick (1988) concluded from their study of human services workers that the strongest predictors of worker satisfaction--skill variety and role ambiguity--were job characteristics.
14 September 1999 Memo from LTG Henry Glisson, DLA Director, accepting proposal to team build "Global Distribution for Our Customers," marking first step in TRANSCOM's role as the Distribution Process Owner (DPO) for the DOD, and a can of Diet Mountain Dew, General Robertson's signature beverage.
Constructive cultures are associated with greater willingness to use new, innovative interventions (Cooke & Szumal, 2000; Glisson, 2002).
Whitman, an estate planning and administration attorney, and Glisson, an oncologist and hematologist, provides medical and legal information on making end-of-life decisions for those who are sick or healthy.
Glisson and I have found that working together as a physician-diabetes educator team has proved greatly beneficial for our diabetes patients.
Instead, Glisson and Hemmelgarn found that intra-organizational climate had a positive impact on the quality of services and key outcomes for children and families.
The effective work of the Institute under the direction of Susan Glisson will be multiplied many times over as this handbook is made available to communities across the country," said former Governor William Winter, for whom the institute is named.