Gliding Motility

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A twitching and translocating pattern of movement, typical of Capnocytophaga spp, in which the yellowish colonies display finger-like projections, that appear to glide over the primary isolation media—e.g., heart infusion agar; these gram-negative fusiform bacilli are indigenous to the oral cavity, are implicated in periodontal and oral infections and lack flagella
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Additional recent findings are challenging the model of how gliding motility works and thus highlight the importance to focus on novel proteins.
Tasawar Hayat said that the influential topics cover a wide spectrum of subjects including peristalsis, blood flow, gliding motility of bacteria, mathematical modeling, mathematical methods, industrial and environmental heat and mass transfer, deformable porous media, MHD, theology and the mechanics of the porous substrate.
Apicomplexan parasites invade the host cell in an active process that involves gliding motility, formation and movement through the moving junction (MJ) and establishment of a prasitophorous vacuole (PV) around the parasite.