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John Hughlings, English neurologist, 1835-1911. See: jacksonian epilepsy, Jackson law, Jackson rule, Jackson sign.


Jabez N., U.S. surgeon, 1868-1935. See: Jackson membrane, Jackson veil.
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Cold-hearted Glenda Jackson has hurled the final insult at tragic Sapphire families.
Birthdays: Glenda Jackson, 79; Alan Bennett, 80 <B
IG's Mayor of London index: 7-9 Ken Livingstone, 4-6 Lord Archer, 2-4 Tony Banks, Frank Dobson, Glenda Jackson, Mo Mowlam, 1-3 Pauline Green, Simon Hughes, Judith Mayhew, Steven Norris, Nick Raynsford, Chris Smith, 0-1 Richard Branson, Robert Kilroy-Silk, Chris Patten, Trevor Phillips, Michael Portillo, Heather Rabatts.
The Sunday Mail today presents shipping minister Glenda Jackson with an Oscar.
She's so good, so tart and tough a presence, like a latter-day Glenda Jackson or Emma Thompson run ragged, she almost pulls it off.
But I think it is far more likely that there will be more candidates than myself, such as Glenda Jackson or John Austin.
A signed picture of the Dalai Lama and an opportunity to have tea with Oscar-winning actress and MP Glenda Jackson were also up for grabs.
Helen Mirren (above) as Queen Elizabeth I in Channel 4's new drama Elizabeth I and (left, top to bottom) other famous actresses to step into the shoes of Elizabeth I: Bette Davis, Dame Judi Dench, Miranda Richardson and Glenda Jackson.
THE Glenda Jackson Theatre and the former Wirral Metropolitan College building on Borough Road are an eyesore and something should be done.
Local MP Glenda Jackson is reporting Thames to industry watchdog OFWAT.
Russell is best known for Women In Love - which won an Best Actress Oscar for Glenda Jackson - the highly controversial The Devils, and rock opera Tommy.

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