Glechoma hederacea

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ground ivy

Herbal medicine
(1) Gutu kola, see there.  
(2) A low-lying perennial evergreen that contains vitamin C, it was used in colonial America for treating asthma, cough, fever, intestinal bloating, tuberculosis, ulcers and other conditions; it is less used by modern herbalists.

Glechoma hederacea,

n See ground ivy.

Glechoma hederacea

toxic plant in the family Lamiaceae; contains an unknown toxin which causes pulmonary edema and emphysema. Called also Nepeta hederacea, creeping charlie, ground ivy.
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Additionally, nine species have a medium invasive rank, such as Glechoma hederacea, Melilotus spp.
Vegetation in the stands was dominated, in variable composition and cover, by typical nemoral species, such as Paris quadrifolia, Galeobdolon luteum, Pulmonaria officinalis, Anemone nemorosa, and Glechoma hederacea.
Foliage can also have a dramatic effect on baskets, especially those trailers with variegated leaves like Glechoma hederacea Variegata, Helichrysum petiolare and Plectranthus forsteri Marginatus.