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Johann R., German chemist, 1604-1670. See: Glauber salt.
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The soil of this immense region is strongly impregnated with sulphur, copperas, alum, and glauber salts; its various earths impart a deep tinge to the streams which drain it, and these, with the crumbling of the banks along the Missouri, give to the waters of that river much of the coloring matter with which they are clouded.
Glauber went home seriously indisposed at his rebuff, took a cooling draught, and is now quite cured.
Tenders are invited for Works Relating To Handling And Shifting Of Special Material Chemicals Gas Cylinders Seal Lube Sour Treated Oils Hoses Dissolution Of Sodium Sulphide Flakes Shifting Of Glauber Salt And Cleaning Of Neutralisation Pits In WTP At HWPK Site
Glauber will remain a Director of the Board and will Chair the Risk and Finance Committee.
Horsehair Himself), Rich Glauber (music in action), Savanna Coen (Eugene's teen queen of the blues), Walker T.
The economic outlook for the coming year will be presented by USDA Chief Economist Joseph Glauber.
USDA Chief Economist Joe Glauber agreed that there are no quantifiable consumer benefits to COOL, noting that USDA found, based on survey data, that the labeling has little effect on consumer meat choices.
Voting panel: John Czarnecki, Fox Sports; Tony Dungy, NBC Sports; Herm Edwards, ESPN; Bob Glauber, Newsday; Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News; Ira Kaufman, Tampa Tribune; Pat Kirwan, SiriusXM NFL Radio/CBSSports.
Others do so because they are in school," said researcher Rebecca Glauber, assistant professor of sociology and a faculty fellow at the Carsey Institute.
And they now look likely to be without Brazilian defender Glauber, who picked up a thigh strain against Chicago.
It was Robinho and Elano and a centre-back called Glauber, who only played once for City.
Acevedo, 44, went on the lam for three days following the March 3 crash that killed Raziel and Nachman Glauber.