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William C., U.S. physician, 1845-1907. See: Glasgow sign.
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Moyes will take on another Glaswegian at the weekend at Old Trafford, having guided Everton to a 3-3 draw against Sir Alex Ferguson's United back in September.
In a survey, 40 per cent of Glaswegians said they were stressed out over money.
This Glaswegian four-piece have been tipped as the next Scots band to follow Franz Ferdinand to stardom.
Then I realised that people got upset because they felt it fed the myth that showed Glaswegians to the rest of Britain as drunken, violent people.
BOFFINS have launched a hunt for Glaswegians to teach computers their local "patter".
13 WRITER Ian Pattison won't be seeing much daylight this month as the Rab C Nesbitt creator has two plays running in Glasgow, both featuring real-life, complex Glaswegians.
SOME mischievous Glaswegians would have you believe the inhabitants of Edinburgh carry their rubbish out to the bin in a briefcase.
But Glaswegians visit their local off-sales SIX times more than their Edinburgh counterparts.
The difference being that Glaswegians throng their city.
He said: "More Glaswegians should get involved and have a say in the running of their city.
These Glaswegians have a thorny reputation that's at odds with their tender music.
A one-day course teaches Glaswegians how to be polite and helpful Disney-style.