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William C., U.S. physician, 1845-1907. See: Glasgow sign.
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Douglas Trigg is a well known medical marketer, and former Vice President for International Development at HCI Medical Center in Glasgow, Scotland.
Researchers at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow, Scotland, analyzed brain tissue from 22 babies who had died in the first 43 weeks of life.
This is a significant demonstration of true Josephson behavior, which few other types of high-temperature junctions have shown;' physicist Colin Pegrum of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, comments in the July 16 NATURE.
Scientists at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, report that perfluorodecalin -- a major ingredient in the only artificial blood substitute to undergo clinical trials in the United States -- and perhaps other fluorocarbons can react with organic molecules under surprisingly mild chemical conditions such as those found in biological systems.
GLASGOW, Scotland -- FTDI announces the availability of the DLP-VLOG, a development platform based on its Vinculum Universal Serial Bus (USB) host controller IC.
GLASGOW, Scotland -- Whyte & Mackay's Vivian Imerman, Chairman and Chief Executive today made the following statement with regard to recent articles in Dow Jones and Associated Press featuring Vijay Mallya.

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