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(frä′kä-stō′rō), Girolamo 1483-1553.
Italian physician and poet who wrote the poem Syphilis sive morbus Gallicus (1530), in which the name syphilis was first given to the disease.
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The more exciting claims of this book include that early sixteenth century medical authors such as Girolamo Fracastoro and Jean Fernel were influenced by Ficino's theory of seeds--which ultimately derived from Plotinus--and that Gassendi's usage of the concept of seed derived as much from seventeenth-century alchemical writers as it did from the ancient atomists.
The book deals extensively with Girolamo Fracastoro and his writings on contagion.
29] Discussing the Discourses on the Heroic Poem, Annabel Patterson argues that Tasso justifies the romance elements of his own poem in part by claiming, after Girolamo Fracastoro, that the epic poet above all seeks to imitate the Idea of the Beautiful.