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Lorenzo, Italian physician and anatomist, 1643-1704. See: Bellini ducts, Bellini ligament.
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Altri temi affrontati da Giovanni Bellini sono la Trasfigurazione e l'Annunciazione.
He trained under Giovanni Bellini and was strongly-influenced by Giorgione.
Giovanni Bellini and the Art of Devotion," features three paintings from the Indianapolis Museum of Art's collection, focusing on the replication of devotional images such as "Madonna and Child," in the Venice, Italy, workshop of Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini.
Venetian Painting In the Fifteenth Century: Jacopo, Gentile, Giovanni Bellini and Andrea Mantegna (Brepols, Euro 110) by Otto Paecht is a collection of scholarly lectures, translated into English by Fiona Elliot.
Painting: Allegory: Inconstancy, by Giovanni Bellini (c.
28) Giovanni Bellini seems to have been the artist of full-page portraits in manuscripts, but conceptually these are really panel paintings on vellum, not so much book decorations as independent works inserted in books.
The formerly unfurnished rooms, with their ornate fireplaces and carved ceilings, are now filled with 17th- and 18th-century furniture and paintings of the Venetian School, including works by Giovanni Bellini, Titian and Carpaccio.
117)--is a phrase indeed apt to the indeterminable status of Mapplethorpe's legacy: neither mystery nor pornography, neither high art nor advertising, neither Giovanni Bellini nor Albert Watson.
Gallery 26 - The Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints Peter and Mark and a Donor, 1426-1516 by Giovanni Bellini.
The exhibition includes landscapes, portraits and devotional works from the Renaissance by artists such as Giovanni Bellini, Sandro Botticelli, Titian, Salvator Rosa and Francesco Guardi.
It can't, in fact, and is highly arguable with Mantegna as representative (though possibly less so with Giovanni Bellini, but that is another story).
01 In the aptly titled IN MY VIEW (Thames & Hudson), more than 75 international artists share some of their biggest influences: Bill Viola dishes on Giovanni Bellini, Hiroshi Sugimoto discusses Petrus Christus, and George Condo relishes Rembrandt van Rijn.