Gingko biloba

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Alternative pharmacology
A tall tree native to China, the leaves of which have terpenoid derivatives known as ginkgolides A, B and C, as well as bilobalide and proanthocyanidins; as a group, these compounds have anticoagulant activity, act as free radical scavengers, increase the peripheral blood flow and are thought by some to slow age-associated memory impairment. The kernals are known in traditional Chinese medicine as bai guo, Salisburia adiantifolia, white nut, ying hsing and ying xing; the root is designated bai guo gen.
Chinese medicine
Gingko roots and kernels (with greater potency in the latter) are anthelmintic, antitussive, astringent, cardiotonic and sedative; gingko is used to treat alcoholic binges, asthma, bladder infections, cough, gonorrhoea and tuberculosis. 

Herbal medicine
Gingko is used to increase cerebral blood flow, prevent blood clots, mood swings, tinnitus and vertigo, and may be effective in asthma and phlebitis.
Mainstream medicine
Mainstream pharmacologic research has shown gingkolides to be effective in treating cerebrovascular insufficiency, which causes lacunar defects of memory, migraines, strokes and vertigo.

Gingko biloba,

n See gingko.
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Gingko Biloba helps to stimulate the brain function, and so recalling events may be made easier with enhanced clarity of thought.
Substances within Gingko Biloba increase blood supply particularly to the brain, enhancing the tissue's use of oxygen and glucose.
Moreover, Gingko biloba may only be indirectly associated with improvement in tasks designed to measure cognitive function.
This pattern typified more than 50 recent studies of Gingko biloba analyzed by Dr.
d) Gingko biloba may be a useful adjunct in treatment resistant schizophrenia.
While previous research has documented the effects of Gingko biloba on memory in older people, this study clearly shows that this specific formulation of standardized Ginkgo biloba and Ginseng extracts enhanced mental performance in a younger healthy population," said Dr.
Ginkoba M/E, a dietary supplement manufactured and distributed by Pharmaton Natural Health Products, is a unique formula of two herbal extracts, GK501(TM) Gingko biloba and G115(R) Ginseng.
The beverage is packed with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals such as Ginseng, Guarana, Gingko Biloba, and Carnatine to supply long lasting energy.
The tour will also promote GNC's patent-pending Preventive Nutrition(R) Cognita(TM), which combines vitamins with other key ingredients such as gingko biloba, which helps to increase blood flow to the brain, and huperzine A, which helps to prevent the breakdown of a key neurotransmitter in the brain.
It provides a noticeable feeling of increased energy and alertness through a secret formula that combines a synergistic combination of herbs, including Siberian ginseng, damiana, yerba mate, muira puma, astragalus, gingko biloba and guarana.