athletic pubalgia

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A condition first recognised in 1980 by UK surgeon Jerry Gilmore which, while not a hernia, clinically presents as one
At-risk sports American football, football (soccer), hockey, rugby Management Repair torn external oblique aponeurosis and conjoined tendon
Prognosis 98% of football players are on the field within 4–6 weeks

athletic pubalgia

Musculoskeletal pain, typically arising from the pubic symphysis, lower abdominal muscles, or the inguinal region of young athletes in whom an inguinal hernia is not present. Synonym: Gilmore's groin; groin disruption; sports hernia.


Inflammation and tears in the local muscles or abdominal wall may result from repetitive overuse of movements (e.g., kicking, jumping, and sudden change of direction) that create shear forces across the pubic symphysis or inguinal ligament.

See also: pubalgia
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Snape had not played since the January 4 match at Tamworth when he suffered knee ligament problems but he has now been diagnosed with Gilmore's Groin, a condition brought on by wear and tear, and so will need an operation.
The no-nonsense centre-back, a key member in last season's promotion success, has undergone further checks on the injury and doctors have now diagnosed Gilmore's groin, brought on by the wear and tear of football.
There is further good news for Mayo with the return of defender Tom Cunniffe to training after suffering with a Gilmore's groin problem for the past year.
Stephen Nolan has also been ruled out after learning that his Gilmore's groin complaint will need further attention.
The pounds 35,000 signing last summer from Forest Green Rovers has been diagnosed as suffering from Gilmore's Groin.
Toye has sustained a Gilmore's Groin injury ahead of the qualifier meeting with Roscommon on Sunday week.
It's just over two weeks since he had the operation for Gilmore's Groin, but he is already running at three-quarters pace,' said Hendrie.
The versatile St Martin's clubman, who can operate at midfield or in the half-forward line, is due to undergo surgery to cure a Gilmore's groin complaint and has been ruled out for up to four months.
Leighton Glynn, who suffers from a complaint known as Gilmore's groin, revealed that he was told after the Tommy Murphy Cup final that he would need to have an operation to deal with the problem.
He had an operation on a Gilmore's Groin last year and suffered a serious knee injury in 2002 which he thinks may be at the root of his current problems.
Dr Gerry McEntee operated on Dolan's Gilmore's Groin problem at the Mater Hospital in Dublin eight days ago - and Westmeath's star attacker has been ruled out for the entire championship.