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Thomas L., U.S. oral surgeon, 1849-1931. See: Gilmer wiring.
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I'm not sure that you can point to an industrial process anywhere that has seen the kind of efficiency and improvements that you've seen on the drilling side," Gilmer said.
I am honored to receive this award and proud of what Drillinginfo has accomplished," said Gilmer.
As director of the University of Houston's Bauer Institute for Regional Forecasting, Gilmer sees Houston as having developed into something more akin to two related energy clusters--upstream, with its lock on oil service companies, and downstream, which extends along the petrochemical crescent, running from Corpus Christi, through Houston on over to New Orleans and Baton Rouge.
Paige Green, president of the Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce and committee member supporting the application for designation, said, “I am thrilled that Ellijay/Gilmer County is receiving the Appalachian Trail Community[TM] designation.
Gilmer wants to encourage more nurses to "go down the NP path, especially into primary health care.
Gilmer is a third-year graduate playwriting student at CalArts.
LouAnn Gilmer, senior accountant, has been with the League since April 1993.
Gilmer flighted the ball in and George Wallace rose above the defence to direct a header past Graeme Potter.
Meanwhile members of the World War II generation are the beneficiaries of burgeoning medical advances gained over the past half century, Gilmer attests.
Pictured with him are Doreen Gilmer, Ben Keenan and Mal Mutton
Drinks Group director Mike Gilmer said: "In spite of PPS's, MD 20/20 offers a very different set of values to the consumer.
Sam Livingstone, interim moderator; Nicolas Cunningham, youth representative; Judy Hehn, chair of the board of managers; Brad Williams, clerk of session; Adrian Auret, minister of Knox; Kaitlin Buchanan, youth representative; Dale Gilmer, ceremony committee member; Peter Cummings, chair of the property committee; and Larry Ellis, ceremony committee member.