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Thomas C., U.S. physician, 1862-1927. See: Gilchrist disease.
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The lower of the three is Gilchrist, a fine scholar and athlete, plays in the Rugby team and the cricket team for the college, and got his Blue for the hurdles and the long jump.
He is taller than the Indian, not so tall as Gilchrist.
Now, Soames, I am going to ask you to have the great kindness to go up to the room of young Gilchrist, and to ask him to step down into yours.
Gilchrist, we are all quite alone here, and no one need ever know one word of what passes between us.
Gilchrist, sir, I never said a word--never one word
For a moment Gilchrist, with upraised hand, tried to control his writhing features.
Of the centre table I could make nothing, until in your description of Gilchrist you mentioned that he was a long-distance jumper.
Time was, sir, when I was butler to old Sir Jabez Gilchrist, this young gentleman's father.
Later that day, there will be a joint press conference with Gilchrist, Kevin Triplett, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development and Missy Marshall, the Executive Director of Keep Tennessee Beautiful at the Tennessee State Museum in downtown Nashville at 4:00 pm.
Myles Gilchrist was working at Ellis Grove care facility in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, when he committed the act of voyeurism last September.
London, July 24 ( ANI ): Australian wicketkeeping legend Adam Gilchrist has backed England's Jos Buttler to make an immediate impact in Test cricket, just like he did.
Tony Gilchrist, 35, was reportedly shot four times in the chest and twice in the head, allegedly by a security guard whom he had dismissed for turning up late for work after a drinking session.