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Nicholas A., French physician, 1858-1927. See: Gilbert syndrome.


Walter, 20th-century U.S. microbiologist and Nobel laureate. See: Maxim-Gilbert sequencing.


The unit of magnetomotive force or magnetic potential.
[W. Gilbert, English physicist, 1544-1603]
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167), to a prayer composed by Michael Perry, archdeacon of Durham, England: a "grace" which consists nearly exclusively of Gilbertian phrases on the subject of food, combined in a manner that likely would equally have astonished and delighted the poet.
65) In the early 1930s, many of the Party leaders were 'in smoke'; Stephens talked of their being 'underground in a rather Gilbertian sort of way', as 'fond of playing Lenin in Finland.
In a telling attack on vanity and aloofness, a soldier sings a Gilbertian number entitled "Don't Touch My Uniform.
The point of the story is that even minor functionaries at the Imperial court, including, besides slave cobblers, such Gilbertian figures as 'superintendent of the chamberpot' ([Greek Text Omitted]) and 'superintendent of the dunghill' ([[Greek Text Omitted]] [Greek Text Omitted]), can become sources of patronage to those outside and seeking access to the Imperial court.
They are interrupted by the entry of the King himself, Koura te Kino, who describes his fiendish policies in Gilbertian pastiche: