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Nicholas A., French physician, 1858-1927. See: Gilbert syndrome.


Walter, 20th-century U.S. microbiologist and Nobel laureate. See: Maxim-Gilbert sequencing.


The unit of magnetomotive force or magnetic potential.
[W. Gilbert, English physicist, 1544-1603]
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They are interrupted by the entry of the King himself, Koura te Kino, who describes his fiendish policies in Gilbertian pastiche:
The Mikado is typically Gilbertian in that although the mood is relentlessly light and frivolous - with pauses for some genuinely affecting songs such as The Sun Whose Rays and Tit Willow - the plot actually revolves around some extremely black comedy about the fearsome execution methods and draconian laws favoured by a capricious emperor.
One braces for the Gilbertian patter: Marcel Moyse, the flutist, has earned a place but Marcel Mule, the saxophonist, has not; the Savoy Record Company is there, but not the Savoy Opera Company; Gwen Verdon but not Ann Miller; Mallarme but not Valery, Byron but not Milton, Nketia but not Kebede, Albrecht but not Zagrosek, kazoo but not conch--and only three members of the Modern Jazz Quartet.
The plot took another Gilbertian twist when it was revealed that the replacement tower would come all the way from West Bromwich - twice: last weekend, for the show to be set up, and this weekend for its dismantling.