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Middle-Eastern country that is home to 66.5 million people.
Egyptian splenomegaly - massive enlargement of the spleen caused by Schistosoma mansoni; often found in rural areas of Egypt.
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Egypt is the Gift of the Nile, and the Nile and Egypt are the gifts of God; nobody can take away God's gifts," Morsi said in his opening speech at the meeting.
When the Greek philosopher in the 5th century described Egypt as the Gift of the Nile, by which he meant that the Nile made Egypt and not the vice versa, he might not have realized that there were so many people upstream who also depended on their living on this very Nile waters as a crucial factor of production that created once the famous North Sudan and Egyptian Pharaoh Civilization.
What does it mean when you are the gift of the Nile and yet there are water cuts everyday?