Guest Authorship

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A practice in which senior researchers are listed as co-authors—despite having had little to do with the work involved in publishing original research reports—on research reports that are the works of others,e.g., undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows working in their lab
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The most commonly observed misconduct was offering gift authorship, reported by 65 per cent doctors, followed by alteration of data reported by 56 per cent.
Gift authorship refers to authorship granted as a favor or in return for payment (Wager & Kleinert, 2011), which might include access to data.
I liken gift authorship to what Bennett and Taylor (9) refer to as "pressured authorship.
Those who stand against it individually and say "no" to gift authorship will suffer.
ghost and gift authorship continue to be of concern.
For example, a colleague with whom I was working to formulate criteria for research ethics raised the question of whether gift authorship is ever ethically justified.
He did this despite his firm conviction that gift authorship is a corrupt practice.
Perhaps those who would be deterred by rules against guest and gift authorship are not as distinguished as their publication lists imply
With full proration the actual authors would find the value of their own contributions declining when they awarded authorships to others and that cost should deter them from providing most gift authorships.