van Gieson, Ira

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van Gieson,

Ira, U.S. histologist and bacteriologist, 1865-1913.
van Gieson stain - a mixture of acid fuchsin in saturated picric acid solution, used in collagen staining.
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The human body registers exposures and logs them in the epigenome, explained Eric Van Gieson, the ECHO program manager.
Serial 6-[micro]m-thick sections were collected on slides and visualized by hematoxylin and eosin (H and E staining), Oil red O, and Verhoeff-Van Gieson (VVG) staining.
Joan Gieson humbly relates experiences and observations of her relationship with Kathryn Kuhlman over an eight-year period of association with the healing ministry.
After automated tissue processing and cutting procedures, all sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E), Masson's trichrome (to evaluate amount of collagen bundles in TA and trabecular wall, which are stained with a blue colour, and proportion of smooth muscle cells in same areas, which are stained with a red colour), and Verhoeff-Van Gieson (to evaluate amount of elastic fibers in subsinusoidal areas of TA and trabecular wall, and subcutaneous connective tissue) methods.
64) Hysterectomies following uterine artery embolization often show polyvinyl alcohol emboli in vessels (Figure 10), which can be highlighted by elastic van Gieson stain (65) and are sometimes associated with a foreign body-type giant cell reaction or thrombosis.
These globules show a serrated edge, highlighted by van Gieson elastic stain.
Alfred Van Gieson has become an ambassador of Hawaiian culture through his success as a champion paddler.
A Verhoeff-Van Gieson (VVG) stain failed to reveal elastic tissue fibers within the crusted stratum corneum.
2d at 1363; see also Van Gieson, Reform Sought to Ease Court's Load, Tallahassee Democrat [section]5b col.
On staining of preparations by Van Gieson in the stroma of terminal villi there is a weak phukinofilia.
The slices were stained with hematoxylin-eosin; the staining method by Van Gieson was used for differentiation of connective tissue.