Giant Sets

A series of 4 to 6 exercises done with little to no rest between movements and a rest period of 2-3 minutes between sets, often performed on either 2 antagonistic muscle groups or on a single body part
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Yes, yes - Fritz against those Johnnys who make the funny cartoons about skyscrapers being chased by giant sets of teeth going neek-neek-neek.
com Reports Global Financial Giant Sets 3-for-2 Stock
Boublil-Schonberg musical 'Martin Guerre' trades giant sets for intimate story
Insurance giant sets new level in customer service with multi-channel Customer Relationship Management solution from Talisma
Dolls' houses, shadow puppets and giant sets were used to full effect so just when you thought the puppets wouldn't work you realised you were being swept along on a journey of imagination that even today's kids, reared on screen effects, were totally transfixed by.
This week the crew will be working at two giant sets on the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios - the largest interior film set in Europe.
Production crews at both the Hilton Theatre and the workshop where the giant sets are being constructed have been put on "hiatus" over claims the money has run out.
Mike Nelson makes architectural labyrinths: giant sets with cubicles, doors, and corridors leading off bewilderingly in every direction.
P&A sold around 40 giant sets during the World Cup to clients including high-profile footballers.
Just look at the giant sets requiring the patience of a saint and an engineering degree to assemble.