Congenital Giant Nevus

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Also commonly called Bathing Trunk Nevus. A premalignant congenital melanocytic nevus, which measures > 5 cm in greatest dimension and has a ‘garment-like’ distribution—bathing trunk, cap, coat sleeve, stocking—often with scattered satellite lesions; up to 12% develop melanoma; GNs may be 20 cm in greatest dimension with satellite lesions, deeply pigmented with moderate hair growth, require multiple excisions; head & neck and leptomeningeal involvement may be associated with epilepsy, mental retardation, leptomeningeal melanoma; draining lymph nodes are often pigmented, corresponding to benign nevus cell aggregates
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In the case of Naomi Ovalle, of Los Angeles, California, the giant nevus covered almost the entirety of her right arm.
My goal was to totally remove the giant nevus in three stages, completing all of Naomi's surgeries well before she enters school.