Italian anatomist, 1839-1876. See: Giannuzzi crescents, Giannuzzi demilunes.
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The Giannuzzi Group, LLP served as legal counsel to Suja through the transaction and continues to be the company's legal counsel.
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WILTSHIRE with Giannuzzi at Torre Maizza WILTSHIRE with Giannuzzi at Torre Maizza The foundation of Puglia's wealth is its mass production of The foundation of Puglia's wealth is its mass production of olives, or "green gold" as it is aptly known.
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However, the present results were similar to those obtained in a study by Giannuzzi et al.
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Giannuzzi LA, Stevie FA (1999) A review of focused ion beam milling techniques for TEM specimen preparation.
Forte Village''s managing director, Lorenzo Giannuzzi, adores football and has worked hard to promote it as a health and fitness resort - so you are quite likely to see soccer superstars here too.
She was born in Worcester on January 2, 1920, the daughter of Gaetano and Angelina (Croce) Giannuzzi.