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p18 Getting hitched the celebrity way p11 We chat to Corrie's Kirsty p4 Is marriage still for ever?
Joey Essex says and Sam will end up getting hitched.
WITH overseas weddings more popular than ever, Tropical Sky's dedicated team name the top 10 destinations for getting hitched as well as their hot trends for 2010.
Name the confectionery character who celebrated his 80th birthday by getting hitched to his new "sweetheart"?
The average age for those getting hitched has gone up by around five years since 1991 and in 2006 the average age for a first marriage was 31.
People with oxygen tanks are cackling pieces of lung as I'm walking through the casino, hanging at the bar, bowling, getting hitched, watching lasers and water; then I end up getting into it and storming off to the Nevada Palace.
But folks are curious if ALMA Awards hostess Eva Longoria and her San Antonio Spurs sweetie, Tony Parker, are getting hitched.
But his chums may have to hop from Marbella to Gibraltar if red tape blocks him from getting hitched in Spain.
2 billion getting hitched this year - with the average celebration costing pounds 16,000.
In 1980, brides-to-be, on average, had fewer years of schooling; but in 2002, more smart girls were getting hitched.
I'm no more obsessed with getting hitched than the next guy.
Laundry product specialists Acdoco will promote its Glo White fabric-whitening brand by getting hitched to the GMTV Wedding.