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The unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought, either express or implied


n the intentional termination of another human being's life through physical (violent), chemical (poisoning, illicit drugs, etc.), or neglectful (abusive) means.

Patient discussion about murder

Q. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. Family and friend assumes that he is bipolar, but as yet he is not been diagnosed. He has answered yes to all the questions in a questionnaire to indicate bipolar. Bipolar do commit murder often and would he have been manic when he did it?

A. It is not uncommon for someone suffering with bipolar to commit crimes, mostly this happens in a manic state. His family can talk to his lawyer about getting him a pychological evaluation, if he is dagnosed bipolar they can begin to treat him. He will still be responsible for his actions but they can work with him to make him better. Good luck

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Basically unsupervised, though, they're so used to getting away with murder that when one of them suggests actually committing it, the others don't object.
GETTING away with murder is the name of the game as the Talisman Theatre in Kenilworth launch their new season on February 19 with thriller special Murder By Misadventure directed by Wendy Anderson.
IAN BLACK last night slammed referees in the SFL and claimed players are getting away with murder against Rangers.
This girl is getting away with murder - she now thinks that it doesn't matter how badly she behaves because you'll be too frightened to sack her in case she spills the beans.
That is a sensible demand, and one which will stop street thugs getting away with murder.
Lifting the age of criminal responsibility could mean many more evil children getting away with murder.
Unless the Barker decision is reversed, negligent employers will, literally, be getting away with murder.
With the title Getting Away With Murder, Dunedin journalist Mark Price's work pulls no punches in retelling the dark history surrounding the case.
After all, even Royal dogs are getting away with murder these days.
It is time Joe Public realised that by his apathy the assembly is getting away with murder.
For too long, the theatre has been getting away with murder.
For the smug band sitting atop a pile of riches, it's about getting away with murder while the rest of us pay our way.