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Now he is actually able to eat some foods without any reactions and loves the Gerson diet.
First, following the Gerson diet and juicing guidelines, which is necessary for healing, is time-consuming.
They were coenzyme Q10, linked to regression of breast cancer, shark cartilage, 'laetrile' - made from apricot kernels - mistletoe, and the Gerson diet which involves coffee enemas, copious amounts of fruit juice, and vitamin injections.
He also took a swipe at Prince Charles for backing the controversial Gerson diet - featuring coffee enema and copious amounts of fruit juice and vitamins - which is supposed to cure cancer.
There is sufficient protein in the Gerson diet to maintain tissue integrity and rebuild and regenerate.
Throughout the class, their instructors explain the how and whys of the Gerson diet.
It does happen that some people have allergies or sensitivities to some of the staple foods on the Gerson diet, such as potatoes, apples, tomatoes or carrots.
He has had successful results on an alternative treatment regime, the Gerson Diet, which requires a diet of pounds of organic fruits and vegetables and other natural supplements daily.
I continue to follow the Gerson diet and take enemas.
I exercise regularly and only rarely stray from the Gerson diet.
The senior dietician had already adopted the Gerson diet for herself and her family, and noted the disappearance of many of their medical conditions, so she was delighted to be able to return the favor to us
In a special program at the Munich University Hospital, 446 out of 450__tuberculosis patients treated with the Gerson diet recovered completely