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On one hand we are selling traditional, authentic German wheat beer and on the other hand you have a fun beer often enjoyed at the neighborhood bar, at a club or after sports - it's the apres-anything beer.
Questions asked and answers arrived at were along the lines of: Does the cocoa bean from Venezuela, California or the Indian Ocean region go best with a German wheat beer or an India Pale Ale?
Ranked as number one-selling German wheat beer worldwide by A.
It just rubbed me the wrong way to use German wheat and me living in the wheat state," he said.
Mahr's Weisse is an unfiltered, unpasteurized German wheat beer which was chosen as the best European wheat beer at the Eurobiere competition in Strasbourg, France in 1999.
Some clove and banana flavors (a standard characteristic in southern German wheat beers) is also often evident.
Aventinus, a celebrated German wheat doppelbock, will be introduced in select U.
Within the German wheat style there are several sub-sets, including dunkel-weizen (dark wheat) and hefe-weizen (wheat with yeast).
We also wanted to avoid getting caught up in the ritual that goes with German wheat beers: using the right kind of glass, pouring them properly, etc.
Weihenstephan is where the best wheat yeasts are kept," Koch reports, "and virtually all the German wheat beer breweries get their yeast there.
A Pacific Beverage spokesman said the national product roll-out will begin this month with Berliner Kindl Weisse, a traditional German wheat brew.