Final Solution

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The Nazi German plan to eliminate the ‘Jewish problem’
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It's mainly a German solution to the Kirch debacle--and a stolid, careful one at that--but at least one can expect steady, deliberate management of those assets.
Similarly, high street locations could adopt a contemporary German solution -'Maennergarten' the male equivalent of a kindergarten, complete with bars and sports facilities, where women can leave their men while they go and shop.
RAM Pharma, a local pharmaceutical company engaged in a partnership with a German solution provider for solar projects in the industry (Industrial Solar GmbH) and the German development cooperation (GIZ).
There would be much pressure for a German solution were BMW to come on to the market.
We are not going to tolerate an East German solution in which one part of Kosovo is distinct from the others because that's where Russian troops happen to be.

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