Felix, Swiss physician, 1840-1914. See: Gerlier disease.
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On arrival day, guests are treated to an exclusive art appreciation cocktail hour with Martin Gerlier, curator of Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit's new art gallery, S Gallery.
The 2011 Edition will host galleries hand-selected by a highly experienced team of curators and fine art advisors, Sebastien Laboureau and Martin Gerlier from Moonstar Fine Arts Advisors, to fulfill a clear curatorial statement based on the desire to contribute to A Better World.
Vinrent egalement d'autres invites francais, fort populaires, comme l'abbe Thellier de Poncheville et le jeune Pierre Gerlier, futur cardinal de Lyon, alors president de l'A.
In the absence of contrary evidence, it is reasonable to suppose his view of the matter to have been close to that of de Lubac, who in 1938 argued that frequent criticisms of the policies of the hierarchy, especially those of Cardinal Pierre-Marie Gerlier of Lyons, imply a "lack of retrospective imagination, an astonishing ignorance of the circumstances and real possibilities" from "historians who have a tendency to set themselves up as examining judges without managing to reconstruct the atmosphere of the period.
38) Henri de Lubac, "Concerning Cardinal Gerlier," in Christian Resistance to Anti-Semitism: Memories from 1940-1944 (San Francisco: Ignatius, 1990) 165-88, at 179, 185.
My thanks to Valentin Gerlier for reading and commenting on earlier drafts of this article.
On October 31, 1941, Maglione encouraged the papal nuncio in France and Pierre Cardinal Gerlier of Lyon to intervene with the Vichy regime in order to soften the practical application of the anti-Semitic laws.
and no Christian can forget this fact"), Cardinal Gerlier of Lyon, and Bishop Pierre-Marie Theas of Montauban, spoke out strongly against the Vichy regime in the wake of the roundup of Jews by the French police in July 1942.
He helped create a small think tank headed by Cardinals Pierre Gerlier of France and Giacomo Lercaro of Italy that became known as the church-of-the-poor group.