Frank, U.S. cardiothoracic surgeon, 1907-1984. See: Gerbode defect.
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Gerbode et al described the first case of myxoma recurrence, which occurred several years after surgical removal.
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The paper's co-authors are former postdoctoral associate Rajesh Ganapathy, now a faculty member at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore, India, and Sharon Gerbode and Mark Buckley, both graduate students.
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In Tennessee Valley, you're as likely to see bobcats as horseback riders; hiking in Gerbode Valley, you're not likely to see anyone else at all.
With the assistance of well-heeled financiers such as George Soros and the Gerbode Foundation of San Francisco, Compassion in Dying has metastasized from a local Washington group formed to help terminally ill people kill themselves into a national organization, the Compassion in Dying Federation (CIDF).
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