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An olefinic terpene alcohol that is the principal constituent of oil of rose and oil of palmarosa; also found in many other volatile oils (for example, citronella and lemon grass). An isomer of linalool; an oily liquid with sweet rose odor used in perfumery that is also used as an insect attractant.
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Only 14 compounds were found in all plant oils studied: decanoic acid, (E)-[beta]-farnesene , germacrene D, caryophyllene oxide, geranyl isovalerate, [gamma]-eudesmol, bisabolol oxide A, hexahydrofarnesyl acetone, (Z)-en-yne-dicycloether, n-nonadecane, e-eikosane, [gamma]-palmitolactone, n-tricosane, and n-pentacosane.
However, treated plants with salicylic acid alone contained the highest percentages of [beta]-cymene, geranyl acetate, geraniol, [beta]- menthone, cyclodecanol, myrtenyl acetate, 2-decan1-ol, hexahydrofarnesyl acetone, 2E-dodecenal, and Pcitronellol.
2+] applications affected geranial, geraniol and geranyl acetate of stems and increased with the micronutrients applications by an average of 100% during the 2 years compared with the control (Tables 3, 4).
The antibacterial activities of twenty one monoterpenes (borneol, d-3-carene, carvacrol, carvacrol methyl ester, cis/trans citral, eugenol, geraniol, Geranyl acetate, cis-hex-3-en-1-ol, R(+)-limonene, (2)-linalool, menthone, nerol, [alpha]-pinene, [beta]-pinene, (+)-sabinene, [alpha]-terpinene, terpinen-4-ol, [alpha]-terpineole, (-)-thujone, thymol) against twenty five strains of bacteria were reported previously (Liu et al.
calamus were 4-terpineol, 2-allyl-5-ethoxy-4-methoxyphenol, epieudesmin, lysidine, spathulenol, borneol, furylethyl ketone, nonanoic acid, 2,2,5,5tetramethyl-3-hexanol, bornyl acetate, galgravin, retusin, (9E,12E,15E)-9,12,15-octadecatrien-l-ol, butyl butanoate, geranyl acetate, sakuranin, acetic acid, camphor, isoelemicin, a-ursolic acid, acetophenone, dehydroabietic acid, isoeugenol methylether, apigenin 4',7-dimethyl ether, dehydrodiisoeugenol, linalool, elemicin, linolenic acid (Balakumbahan et al.
acerbum and other species of the genus Tricholoma, are the first naturally occurring dimeric dienyne geranyl cyclo-hexenones (Garlaschelli et al.
5 [alpha]-pinene 9 [gamma]-terpinene 4 Geranyl acetate 3 Camphor 1.
Several of its constituents and three triterpenic acids present in the dichloromethane leaves extract showed a higher antitrypanosomal activity on bloodstream forms of Tbb as compared to procyclic forms, namely geranyl acetone, phytol, [alpha]-ionone, [beta]-ionone, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid and betulinic acid.
geraniol geranyl acetate and citronellol exhibit synergistic activity with fluconazole against C.
Geraniol was identified as the most important rose-like odor compound besides geranyl formate, geranyl acetate, benzyl alcohol and phenylethyl alcohol.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of GERANYL ACETATE ( IS 3241-1985 )