Geotrichum candidum

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a genus of yeastlike fungi. G. can´didum is found in dairy products and feces.
Geotrichum can´didum a species found in the feces and dairy products.

Ge·o·tri·chum can·di·dum

(jē'ō-trī'kŭm kan'dī-dŭm)
A fungal species occasionally associated with wound infections. Colonies of Geotrichum may first appear as white, creamy, and yeastlike; white, powdery mold is also produced. Barrel-shaped arthroconidia that do not alternate are produced.


a genus of yeastlike fungi. See hyalohyphomycosis.

Geotrichum candidum
a species found in feces and in dairy products. Causes a systemic infection, especially in animals in captivity, and has been associated with necrosis of the scales in snakes. May be associated with bovine mastitis. See also geotrichosis.
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