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W.T., 20th-century U.S. scientist. See: Heyer-Pudenz valve.
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Some of the most popular, and lasting, historical Re-gency romance novels are by authors who follow in Austen's footsteps--notably Georgette Heyer, whose Regency Buck (1935) launched the Regency romance subgenre.
Tryst Williams: Most-borrowed library books and authors for the last year*:Overall top lending author - Jacqueline Wilson (author of the Tracy Beaker series) Overall top lending title - Patricia Cornwell's Blow Fly Top lending children's fiction title - JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Top lending 'classic' author - Georgette Heyer (author of Regency romances), coming ahead of JRR Tolkien, Beatrix Potter and CS Lewis
UK-based publishing company Arrow has announced that it is to publish 12 mysteries by historical novelist Georgette Heyer.
I went to Bootle Maternity Annexe, prepared for a long wait, with a Georgette Heyer historical romance.
Under the talk of ephemera, there has to be a lasting significance in this best-seller factor in our literature: after all, in September 2002 there was a Georgette Heyer Walk in London, and hundreds of Japanese fan s come every year to England in order to leave flowers at the grave of Betty Neels, one of Mills and Boon's all-time favourite writers.
Georgette Heyer (16 August 1902-4 July 1974) was a prolific British historical romance and detective fiction novelist.
This month, Random House India will bring out a new series titled Kama Kahani, Indian historical romances catering to the fantasies of fans of purdah jharoka romance -- readers who would like to replace the regency romances of Georgette Heyer and Judith McNaught with stories of cruelly handsome zamindars and smouldering princes.
Many well-known authors were even given their big break by Mills & Boon in their early years, including Jack London, Georgette Heyer and P.
Although she didn't win, Penny found an agent who was looking for a new Georgette Heyer to be called Caroline Courtnay
It's a romantic Regency drama in the mould of Georgette Heyer, with more than a nod to Jane Austen.
Publisher Georgette Heyer has announced that sales of it backlist have risen since it re-packaged and relaunched them in January 2004.

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