Wald, George

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George, joint winner of 1967 Nobel Prize for work related to the eye.
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The program featured lectures by the the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, George Wald, O.
Experiments by George Wald of Harvard University show that the very center of the fovea, its fixation area, is blue-blind because practically none of the numerous cones there are blue sensitive.
He had a life-long friendship with his much-loved Harvard Biology professor and mentor George Wald.
Our government has become preoccupied with death," George Wald said, "with the business of killing and being killed.
Some 49 years of continuing work led to the book Horizons in Biochemistry that contained an extraordinary chapter by George Wald titled "Life in the Second and Third Periods; or Why Sulfur and Phosphorus for High Energy Bonds?
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