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George, English radiologist.
Simon foci - calcified caseous nodules found at the apices of children with pulmonary tuberculosis.
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Minister Karanikolov held a joint meeting with Ilan Laufer and George Simon, Minister of the Economy of Romania, to discuss the development of commercial and economic cooperation by support for various forms such as business forums, exhibitions, cooperation on the markets of third countries, and also support for the small and medium enterprises by the two parties.
Another Detroit industrialist, George Simon, entered a boat he drove called Miss U.
At Birkenhead School, the scorers were Callum Calverly (2), Lewis Koumas, Callum Edwards, George Simon, and an own goal.
Member-owned Whittington Heath originated in 1886 when a nine-hole course was founded by Lieutenant-Colonel George Simon and built by the soldiers from the newly constructed and neighbouring barracks.
Le Maroc a ete le tout premier pays a avoir vole au secours du peuple centrafricain en lui apportant des aides humanitaires, a indique le responsable centrafricain, qui etait accompagne du ministre des Finances et du Budget, George Simon Bozanga.
One of the most important series of experiments was performed by George Simon Ohm in 1826; he showed that when a constant voltage is applied to a conductor, the resulting current is proportional to the conductor's cross-sectional area and inversely proportional to its length.
com)-- McKim & Creed, an engineering, geomatics and planning firm with offices throughout the South, announces that George Simon, PE, PMP, has joined the company's Charlotte office as a project manager.
Mutaz Al Shami of UAE-based Al Ittihad newspaper received the 'Sports Journalism Award' from George Simon, a member of the Awards Board of Directors.
Beloved wife of the late George Simon and dearly loved mother and grandmother.
Name a scary medical procedure, and George Simon has probably had it.
Through hard work from the time he was a child, George Simon has left behind the Jewish ghetto for a successful law practice and a society wife.
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